CMLG and our clients enjoy significant benefit from our strategic alliance with Altchiler LLC.  Attorney Robert Altchiler and his hand-picked network of elite professionals can provide our clients with a wide range of advice, assistance and representation throughout America.  Our affiliation with this outstanding group of attorneys and other professional advisers stems from a solid relationship forged several years ago between Robert Altchiler and the head of the CMLG team, Bruce Drummond, when Bruce worked and studied in New York. Robert Altchiler began practising law in New York City in 1988.  His boutique criminal litigation practice subsequently expanded into areas such as media & entertainment, tax, business and complex commercial matters, and he is now 'of counsel' to leading US IP attorneys, Grimes and Battersby LLC.  A number of musicians and professional sports stars have benefited from his expertise. Now clients of CMLG have the opportunity to protect and grow their business interests and network in the USA with the guidance of Robert and his expert team.  Further information about the experience and expertise of Robert Y Altchiler and his team can be found at
C M L G specialist media and entertainment lawyers